colored tights

pictures courtesy of flickr, face hunter and hel looks

Brightly colored tights are my personal must-haves for Fall. My wardrobe is fairly neutral - mostly blacks, greys and creams - so colored tights are a great way to add an interesting twist to an otherwise plain outfit. I recently bought a pair of copper-colored tights at Target for only $5.99. I was really surprised at how wonderfully they fit. The waist isn't uncomfortably tight and doesn't reach up to my armpits like a lot of tights tend to do. I definitely plan on going back for more colors. Though the ladies above pull off the color quite well, I'm personally a bit wary of bright blue. Maybe because of the Superman connotations? I'm thinking of getting a pair in ruby red and eggplant.

If you don't have a Target nearby or are looking for a wider selection of colors, here are a few online shops you might want to check out: