spring is in the air

This dress (by Motel) is currently waiting for me at the post office. This, to me, is the perfect Spring dress - peter pan collar, pleats, buttons, blue, and bunnies! It's almost sickeningly cute. I'm pretty anxious to receive it. I ordered it from the UK and I'm not too sure about the sizing, so I'm really hoping that it fits.

More Spring dresses that I love:

Cruiser Dress in Aztec Red from Steven Alan

Contrast Color Button Through Dress from Asos

Kloset Must Be Mustard Dress from Sunday Brunch

I guess I'm really into blues and oranges this season.

New items will be up in the store next week! I'll have some preview photos up tomorrow.


where the wild things are

Words cannot describe how excited I am to see this.

Watch the trailer in HD at apple.com.


"did I offend you?"

I just had to share this. It's a short film for Oliver Peoples Eyewear featuring Zooey Deschanel and Matt Costa, and directed by one of my favorite photographers/filmmakers, Autumn de Wilde.


a few things

Just a few things of note:
  • Keep Company recently released their Spring 09 line - new styles, and gingham and watermelon prints!
  • Let the Right One In is one of the best vampire movies I've ever seen. Maybe the best. F. W. Murnau would be proud.
  • This is probably old news for anyone who lives near LA, but I finally had my first taste of Kogi BBQ this week and I am officially obsessed! Their tacos are so delicious. I'm going back for more next week.
  • I finally got a new camera, so expect more outfit posts and a site update very soon.
That's it. Short and sweet! Have a wonderful weekend.


amazing animals

the hamster nerd, the kitten nerd, and the raccoon nerd bags by Insight
(also available in tank top form!)


would've, could've

Here's what I would've purchased from the Built by Wendy sample sale:

Exploding Mouse tee. Ham tee (I love To Kill A Mockingbird).

Cashmere cardigan. Plaid strapless dress.

Gradient tees.

My friend just showed me this music video, in which the lead singer is wearing a similar striped tee. I thought it was a nice little coincidence. I've never heard of this band before, but I like the music video for obvious reasons.


built by wendy sample sale

Starts today! Regrettably, I've decided to abstain from online shopping for a while because I need to save up for a couple of upcoming trips, but there's nothing stopping you from enjoying the deals. Have fun!