good day sunshine

I've had this crazy adorable vintage dress on my "etsy favorites" list for quite a while, despite the fact that it will never fit me, so I figured I might as well share it. The daisies along the neckline and the little bow at the back of the waist are just so perfect. It's available on etsy, here.

The color yellow always puts me in a good mood because it reminds me of sunshine and flowers and all that nature-y crap that I love. So, in keeping with the theme of this blog entry, here are more yellow things:

(clockwise from top left) yellow canoe moroccan key rack from cut+paste; savica waterfall blouse from anthropologie; princess tina mushroom tote bag from giant robot; toms classic rope slip-on from endless.com; tana rolled-sleeve scoopneck from delias; mmmg class notebook from cut+paste; sunrise crochet top from shopruche.com


spectacular views

Hello there! I just got back from a week-long vacation to Catalina, Mexico, and San Diego. I was so busy preparing for the trip that I completely forgot to mention it on the blog - sorry! I had an amazing time, especially in Mexico, despite the somewhat gloomy weather. Horseback riding was my favorite part of the trip. My horse, Morito, was small and fat and had an awesome mohawk. He would try to eat every flowery plant that we passed (he was particularly partial to the purple ones), and when I tried to steer him away, he made a frustrated noise and took a huge chomp out of the next plant that he saw. Stubborn with a big appetite, just like me! Back at the ranch, I met two little cats named Tigre and Pantera (the latter is pictured above). They were so relaxed and friendly. I had a very strong urge to smuggle them back home with me, but I controlled myself.

This weekend will be spent unpacking, unwinding, and catching up on all the luxuries of home that I've been missing all week (i.e., DVR and interweb). Regular scheduled blogging should resume very soon.


dream boots

After months of searching, I finally found the perfect pair of brown vintage ankle boots. When I bought them, they were a little dingy and covered with tiny specks of paint, but it was nothing that a bit of leather cleaner couldn't handle. I can't wait to start making outfits with these bad boys. Outfits that I will undoubtedly forget to photograph, as usual (sorry about that).


shop update!

Ninja Vintage update tonight! A few tops and a pair of shoes are now available. The rest should be up tomorrow. Click here to visit the shop!