The small update I planned for this weekend will have to be delayed for a few reasons. First, my internet and computer have been on the fritz for the past week. My internet loses connection at least every 20 minutes, which is starting to get very frustrating. Also, I don't have access to my camera at the moment, so I can't take photos of the goods. On top of that, I'm just starting to get over being sick with a fever for the past couple of days. Now how's that for a triple whammy of suck?

So because of all this, the next update is going to be delayed for another week (probably less than a week, maybe 5 days), but the longer wait means that this update will be even bigger and better. Right now I have a couple of dresses lined up as well as some cute accessories and shoes! I'll try to post some previews of the new items after I get my camera back. Until then, take care and have a lovely weekend!


crowded teeth sale

One of my favorite online shops, Crowded Teeth, is having a "Goodbye Winter" sale - almost everything in the store is 25-60% off! So if you're a t-shirthead (a word I just made up, kind of like a sneakerhead) like me, or just a fan of cuteness, head on over to Crowded Teeth to snag some great tees (and equally cute hoodies, scarves, necklaces and patches) on the cheap. My personal favorite is the Eat! T-shirt, which I own and wear at least once a week. What can I say? I'm a sucker for food with faces (to look at, not to eat, because I'm a vegetarian).


nautical nonsense

The weather has finally been getting sunnier and warmer (time to invest in some good sunscreen!) in my neck of the woods and it's got me looking forward to Spring and Summer. So apparently, nautical is IN this Spring. I've been a fan of nautical clothing for a couple of years, and now sailor-inspired Spring/Summer collections are popping up everywhere, from A.P.C. to Built by Wendy. I shouldn't be surprised that the look is so popular - it's clean, classic, and fits in perfectly with warm weather. After this past winter, which was unusually cold for Southern California, the recent sunshine has sort of rekindled my love for all things nautical. This will definitely be evident in the next Ninja Vintage update, coming this weekend.

In the meantime, I rounded up a little list of my favorite seaworthy pieces (both vintage and not) from all over the internet.

Sunset Sailorette Dress

Come Away With Me Necklace

Sailor Tank

DIY Seagull Print Top

Anchor Duffel

Pirate Ship Tunic
from day-lab

Whale Necklace

Sailor Shorts