she's a betty

Ninja Vintage recently got a little mention in a great fashion blog called She's A Betty. The Navy Lady Suit Set (available in dresses) was included among a short list of "vintage finds" for February 15.

"Super price for a nice suit, plus Peter Pan collars and three-quarter sleeves were huge on NY F/W '07 runways. Pair with long black gloves & black tights."

Check out She's A Betty for a first look at upcoming trends, fashion and design news, affordable finds, and much more. It's one of the most interesting and comprehensive fashion blogs I've come across in a while.


hair & ebay

Today I decided to get a haircut (since I haven't had one since November) and ended up spending a lot more than I wanted to. So now I can't even enjoy my new haircut because every time I look at it I just end up thinking about how much it cost! Oh well.

Speaking of spending money, my two favorite eBay stores just happened to put up new auctions this week after a few months of being MIA:

The first store, lovelovelovela, is run by a cute and stylish young lady from Los Angeles and offers hand-picked vintage, new and designer pieces as well as the most adorable band t-shirt reconstructions you've ever seen! There aren't any reconstructed pieces up right now, but you can view previous designs on lovelovelove's eBay "me" page or on myspace. Thanks to lovelovelove I am the proud owner of a pair of one-of-a-kind Weezer track shorts that count among the most beloved items of clothing in my closet.

My second favorite eBay store is the Olive Shoppe, which not only offers amazing vintage and contemporary pieces, but also shows you how to wear them. The way the owner (who is also the model) puts together outfits is always fun and eclectic. Her auctions tend to attract a lot of bids, but even if they ultimately end up falling out of your price range, you can still take inspiration from her outfit ideas and incorporate those ideas into your existing wardrobe.

I feel like I've been doing way too much eBay shopping lately, but in actuality I've only been doing a lot of bidding and just a little bit of winning. The last couple of things I won, though, I really love. I'll be sure to share pictures of them in a future post. Just like with thrift shopping, it pays to be patient when sifting through eBay listings. If you search long enough you're bound to find something amazing.


Karen O

What's not to love about Karen O? The woman doesn't just have style, she is style. She has something about her - an inexpressible, unattainable air of cool - that allows her to do (and wear) things that mere mortals cannot. There is nothing she can't pull off. She's simply a goddess. A screaming, kicking, spitting, modern day goddess.
(originally posted on 10/06/2006)


Sofia Coppola

Sofia Coppola looks so smart in black and white, so it's no wonder that she wears it all the time. It suits her. Everything about Sofia is just so effortlessly cool. She directs cool movies, designs cool clothes (her clothing brand Milk Fed), and of course she belongs to one of the coolest families on the planet. Her style is understated, but not bland. She knows what looks good on her and she always seems comfortable in the clothes she wears. Plus she's Marc Jacobs' muse, which automatically makes her a style icon in my book. (originally posted on 10/29/2005)


Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel might possibly be the cutest girl on the planet. Even her name is cute! I love her sense of style. It's never trendy, always feminine and quirky with lots of little details and big patterns. She's always perfectly put together, but never looks like she's trying too hard. She has mastered the art of wearing vintage and still making it look totally fresh and modern. (originally posted on 10/10/2005)

Here's a more recent collage of Zooey's style. The girl loves her stockings! My personal favorites are the top and bottom left outfits. The black and white checkered dress looks even better up close and the blue (Marc Jacobs?) coat paired with plaid scarf and boots that she wore to this year's Sundance Film Festival is unbearably cute!

third time's the charm

This is my third attempt at a Ninja Vintage blog, and I'm confident that I'm going to stick with it this time. This past year has been a time of extreme change for me, in ways both good and bad. It truly has been a transition year, a time that has challenged me to rethink my priorities and my general outlook on life. The past year has also gotten me so motivated for the current year, both in my personal life as well as in my work life (Ninja Vintage is too fun and I love it too much for it to ever be a "job", but it certainly does involve a lot of work!). I admit that I put Ninja Vintage aside a bit last year, simply because I was dealing with so many personal distractions, but this year I'm throwing myself back into what I love and planning a lot of interesting changes that I hope you will love.

This blog is one of those changes. In addition to updates on Ninja Vintage goings-on, I hope to share with readers some of my inspirations, both fashion-related and not, as well as aspects of my everyday life. I'm excited to share with you some of my favorite places to visit (both on the internet and out in the real world), things to watch, read, look at and enjoy. I aspire to always keep my blog full of photos and interesting things to browse through.

Well, that's enough talk for today. The next few entries will be photos of some of my favorite modern style icons, carried over from my myspace blog. That's all for now. Until next time!