Hello! A few colorful skirts were added to the Etsy shop this weekend, and I'll be adding another (amazing) skirt tomorrow, along with couple of other things. I'm really loving bright, colorful skirts for summertime. I'm also loving the longer and fuller skirt styles that I've been seeing around lately. They're so elegant and easy to wear.

On Thursday I'll be heading to Seattle for the Fourth of July weekend. Very excited! I go to Seattle every year, but this will be my first time being there for July 4th. I'll be back next week, hopefully with some vintage goodies in tow to add to the shop.

Also, I just started a Twitter account for Ninja Vintage. If you want to stay up-to-date on the latest shop updates, sales, and promotions, follow @ninjavintage on Twitter.

See you next week!


first day of summer

homemade strawberry popsicle
Breaking in my new ice pop maker. Fresh strawberries, coconut milk, and a little bit of sugar. Next up: sweet tea & mint pops. Ah, summer, how I love you.


ninja vintage on etsy

After a very long hiatus, Ninja Vintage is officially back on Etsy! There are only a handful of items up for sale at the moment, but I'll be adding more things in the coming weeks.

As a "thank you" to all you wonderful people who still visit this oft-neglected blog, you can enter the coupon code NINJAVINTAGE24 for free shipping on all domestic orders from now until the end of June. Click here to visit the new shop!