pretty little basterd

What is it about French women? They're just so effortlessly cool and chic...and they have such good hair.

I've been smitten with Mélanie Laurent ever since I first laid eyes on her in Inglourious Basterds. I haven't had a girl crush this huge since Julie Delpy in Before Sunrise (another French girl - coincidence?). If you haven't seen Inglourious Basterds yet...well, why haven't you? Laurent glows in every single frame (even when she's covered in blood), but the first shot of her in that red dress at the beginning of the final act is the real "wow" moment. Tarantino has featured some badass female characters in his films, but Laurent's Shoshanna may very well be the most badass of them all. Inglourious Basterds is out on DVD today, so go out and rent it if you haven't seen it already.