marilyn at home

Marilyn Monroe
I love this photo for many reasons. First, I've always wanted a cozy little reading nook like this. Second, Marilyn looks totally casual and cute in her button-down and cuffed jeans. Third, the art. I'm actually not sure whether this photo was staged or if this was a real spot in Marilyn's home, but I'm hoping for the latter. I'd like to think that she chose all that artwork herself. And lastly, the colors! Shades of seafoamy turquoise and pale pink next to the rich wood shelves make for such a lovely combination.


carey mulligan

I've been a fan of Carey Mulligan since she starred in An Education, and I've been a fan of her style since she showed up to last year's Academy Awards in that Prada dress adorned with tiny metal forks, knives, and scissors. Seriously, that dress kind of blew my mind. She always chooses really fun and unexpected silhouettes, textures, prints, and colors. I love that she wears a lot of vintage-inspired styles, often with modern details (an architectural pleat here, an avant-garde print there). She always keeps it ladylike, but still interesting and youthful.

Also, Carey really reminds me of Edie Sedgwick with her blonde hair and dimples. She would've made a great on-screen Edie, don't you think?


a new year, a new hope

Happy 2011! I've been hard at work on my first project of the new year: a gallery wall for my bedroom. I've spent the past few days finding the perfect shade of white to paint my wall and choosing which posters and prints I want to put up. I just discovered this awesome print on Etsy that perfectly combines my love of Star Wars with my love of Scandinavian design. It will definitely have a special place on my wall. The hard part will be figuring out how to arrange it all. I'll be sure to post photos of the finished wall once it's complete!