long time, no blog

So what's new? Well, this past weekend marked the 2-year anniversary of Ninja Vintage! To celebrate, most items currently in the store are now on sale until July 5. I also updated the site with some new dresses and skirts, all in bright colors and flowy fabrics for summer. I've got a couple more items to put up this week and a big update in mind for July, sometime around my birthday weekend (also known as the weekend Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows comes out!).

In other shopping news, there's a pretty sweet summer sale going on at Old Navy right now. Lots of stuff in the store is 50% off. Admittedly, I'm usually disappointed whenever I pay a visit to Old Navy, either because I can't find anything that I like or, if I do find something, they never have it in my size. But I was just there yesterday and managed to snag a simple knit jumper tunic (though it's a dress on me because I'm short) with pockets in a nice shade of dark heather grey for only $9.75. Can't beat that. I can see myself wearing it well into the fall with the right layering. If you're looking for some cheap basics for summer, you might want to check out this sale.

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