in with the new

So if anyone has been wondering whether or not Ninja Vintage will be opening back up anytime soon, it will. Personal life things have been taking a bit of a toll on my ability to focus on the website, but I promise I will get it back up and running before Spring rolls around. I've been considering what changes I'll be making to the store once I get it restocked and ready to go. I've already decided on two definite things.

First, I'm going to make shipping flat rate. That way, no matter how many things you order the shipping cost will still be the same. Second, I will donate a percentage of all profits to a different charity every month. I'm thinking of starting with Oxfam and the World Wildlife Fund. If anyone out there in Internetland has any other suggestions for worthy charities to donate to, I'd be more than happy to hear from you.

I have other ideas for Ninja Vintage 2008 mulling around in my brain, but recent distractions have made it difficult to grab hold of enough free time to be able to flesh anything out. I am determined, however, to make space for some good ol' quality time with Ninja Vintage. We'll see where things progress from there.

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