an elusive outfit post

First outfit post in a billion years, I know. I didn't really wear anything too great this summer. It was way too hot and I was way too busy to put any effort into dressing. I prefer Fall and Winter clothing much more.

This skirt just arrived in the mail, my first eBay purchase in a long time. I love the print. I bought three different items of clothing last week and they all have similar "folksy" prints and embroidery. It was completely unintentional. Honestly, I've been feeling a bit burnt out on fashion lately. The internet creates so much sensory overload that it sometimes makes it hard to figure out what I like and don't like. I guess it's good to know that I can always count on my subconscious to steer me along.

American Apparel mustard dress from eBay. Forever 21 skirt from eBay. Ivory cardigan from Old Navy. Faux leather woven belt from H&M. Black tights from Target. Me Too patent t-strap heels from DSW (I later decided that these were too dressy for day and changed into flats).


dana said...

Thank you so much for kind words about My Darlin'! I'm so glad you happened upon and enjoyed it. I couldn't agree with you more... Seattle sure is a misunderstood city when it comes to fashion.

I just spent the last hour (at work... oops) looking through your back posts. Your blog is so much fun! It's funny, we love the same cities. Seattle, Las Vegas (which I just got back from on Tuesday), and San Fran (which I am flying to for my birthday this weekend). And I love that you post random pictures of yummy food just like me. Fantastic! I just wish I would have seen your site sooner. There sure is a lotta great loot that you had for sale at one time but is now long gone... Welp, you are going on my list of regular reads so as to never miss another great vintage piece.


jenny said...

Thanks again, Dana! I added your awesome blog to my favorites.

Happy birthday in advance - I hope you have a great time in SF!