pizza & cupcakes

Last month, I flew to Seattle to visit family and celebrate my grandmother's 90th birthday. I also ate some stuff.

roasted mushrooms & truffle cheese pizza

chocolate & graham cracker cupcake with marshmallow frosting

And, of course, I made sure to visit to my favorite ice cream shop, Molly Moon's. This time around, I got a scoop of their famous salted caramel. So, so, so good. I love Seattle.


Eli said...

see, this is what I dont like about las vegas. Ive exhausted every possible interesting place to eat!

jenny said...

las vegas does have some good food, though! but it's definitely fun to go on food adventures in different cities.

dana said...

Looks like you had a great visit! Yum, I love all of these places. There's just so much dang food to cover when you come here. And you got my very favorite Trophy cupcake!