nautical nonsense

The weather has finally been getting sunnier and warmer (time to invest in some good sunscreen!) in my neck of the woods and it's got me looking forward to Spring and Summer. So apparently, nautical is IN this Spring. I've been a fan of nautical clothing for a couple of years, and now sailor-inspired Spring/Summer collections are popping up everywhere, from A.P.C. to Built by Wendy. I shouldn't be surprised that the look is so popular - it's clean, classic, and fits in perfectly with warm weather. After this past winter, which was unusually cold for Southern California, the recent sunshine has sort of rekindled my love for all things nautical. This will definitely be evident in the next Ninja Vintage update, coming this weekend.

In the meantime, I rounded up a little list of my favorite seaworthy pieces (both vintage and not) from all over the internet.

Sunset Sailorette Dress

Come Away With Me Necklace

Sailor Tank

DIY Seagull Print Top

Anchor Duffel

Pirate Ship Tunic
from day-lab

Whale Necklace

Sailor Shorts

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pork chop girl said...

those sailor shorts are really cute in theory...too bad i'm a prude and won't wear anything that's above the knees!