The small update I planned for this weekend will have to be delayed for a few reasons. First, my internet and computer have been on the fritz for the past week. My internet loses connection at least every 20 minutes, which is starting to get very frustrating. Also, I don't have access to my camera at the moment, so I can't take photos of the goods. On top of that, I'm just starting to get over being sick with a fever for the past couple of days. Now how's that for a triple whammy of suck?

So because of all this, the next update is going to be delayed for another week (probably less than a week, maybe 5 days), but the longer wait means that this update will be even bigger and better. Right now I have a couple of dresses lined up as well as some cute accessories and shoes! I'll try to post some previews of the new items after I get my camera back. Until then, take care and have a lovely weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Hey! I saw you in Ellegirl and that ispiered me to get a blog! You totally rock!