I went to Unique Los Angeles on Sunday and had a great time. The space was huge and there was so much to look at; it was a bit overwhelming. I ended up buying an adorable dress from Misha Lulu for my baby cousin and some other gifts for people who I won't mention because, unlike my baby cousin, those gift recipients can read and might stumble upon this blog. I also bought some "Brave Girl" band-aids from the lovely Ariel of Sticker Sisters because I've been procuring an ungodly amount of paper cuts lately and have been going band-aid-less for months. My friend got me the famous Sandwich Dinosaur tee from the Seibei booth (we were informed that Amy Sedaris is a fan, which makes it that much more awesome). We sipped on complimentary tea and bought some yummy treats from Cake Monkey. The whole atmosphere of Unique LA was so positive and fun (and the DJ was pretty good, too!). I can't wait to go again next year.

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