new york snaps

new york: day 3

Non-food-related New York highlights:
  • First subway ride and walk through Manhattan to visit the Met
  • Strolling though soggy, gloomy, beautiful Central Park
  • Attending a taping of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
  • Exploring Strand Book Store (and buying way too many books)
  • Running into Patricia Clarkson and her dog while walking to Chelsea Market
  • Meeting Mindy Kaling at Magnolia Bakery later that day
  • Seeing the original Batman masks on display at the Tim Burton exhibit at MoMA
  • Visiting 30 Rock, where my television alter ego, Liz Lemon, works
New York food post to follow!

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dana said...

A mac & cheese RESTAURANT!!!! I am so glad you posted about it, I am absolutely going there on my trip this year!