donald duck

I haven't posted an outfit in a while, so I decided to take a quick photo before heading out to the grocery store. I know everyone's all about Mickey Mouse these days, but I've always preferred Donald Duck. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because my mom always bought Donald Duck brand orange juice, and I'd stare at his smiling face on the front of the juice carton as I ate my breakfast every morning before school. Maybe it's because he was one of the crankiest Disney characters, so it was easier for me to relate him than to the perpetually jolly Mickey and Goofy. Or, maybe I just liked his funny duck voice.

Anyway, I got this shirt at Goodwill a while back and I wear it often because it's Donald Duck, of course, and also because it's really soft and drapes so nicely. I'm also wearing my J. Crew cashmere cardigan, which I wear whenever it's even remotely cold outside, black jeans from Old Navy (these fit so poorly, but they're all I have; I hate shopping for pants), black Chinese Laundry boots, my Coach bag that I always use, and a gold ring. Oh, and my Contigo travel mug.

Here's a better view of the ring. It belonged to my mom. I don't wear much jewelry, but I do wear this fairly often. Unfortunately, I have no idea what the Chinese character stands for. I asked my dad (who is half Chinese, but grew up in the Philippines) if he knew, but everything that he learned in Chinese school has already been long forgotten.


Jasmine said...

i think it means happiness. i'm chinese but i can't read either. but this is a common chinese character. =)

Chennie said...

The character is pronounced "FU", means fortune in Chinese. Do you have any plan sell the ring? I am interested.

jenny said...

That ring is very valuable to me because, as I mentioned, it belonged to my mom, who passed away from cancer exactly 1 year ago.

So no, I have no plans to sell the ring, ever.

Teiwaz said...

it means blessing

Phildirect said...

Hi, I have a similar ring. Do you know its maker and date created? Would help me a lot. Thanks!