grizzly bear

Grizzly bears (Ursos arctos horribilis) hold the number 3 spot on my Top 5 Bears list (future posts will be dedicated to the others). Here are some of my favorite grizzly bear-inspired things.

Be Prepared for Bears necklace from Erica Weiner

Brown Bear brooch from Fun is Cool

Hibernating Bear sleep mask from Mary Green (on sale! I bought one.)

Reflecting Bear tee from Poketo

Rawr! tee from Foe Paws

Of course there's also the band Grizzly Bear, and the excellent Werner Herzog documentary, Grizzly Man. You can "adopt" a grizzly bear, and learn about other endangered and threatened animals, at the WWF.


tablet said...

I believe all God's creatures have a soul... except bears ... bears are godless killing machines!

Did the sleep mask arrive yet? Do you like it? I'm thinking about ordering one too because of its awesomeness.

tablet said...

Oh nvm, the mask is not on sale anymore. God the mannquins on that site are soooo odd! And it says 70% off Long Johns but where are the long johns!!!

ninja jenny said...

Haha maybe some guy who's REALLY into long johns bought them all out already?

Yup the mask arrived. It's looks just like it does in the picture, minus being worn by a creepy male mannequin =)