navy & red

Here are some things that my friends got me for Christmas:
  • Bear salt & pepper shakers! These will be a great addition to my burgeoning collection of bear-themed items.
  • Flight of the Conchords - The Complete First Season. I've loved Flight of the Conchords for years, but I don't have HBO, so I never got around to watching their television show (except for bits and pieces on Youtube). Now I can watch it whenever I want. I bow down to whoever came up with the idea of putting television shows on DVD.
  • Last, but not least, a navy and red Orla Kiely wallet. It's so nice and has lots of pockets for all my cards. I love it!
I also picked up this shirt at Forever 21 this weekend. It's navy and red, like my Orla Kiely wallet, and it's plaid, like Bret's shirt on the cover of the Flight of the Conchords DVD. Coincidence. Too bad there's nothing bear-related about it. That would be way too weird.


tablet said...

Why hey thar, Jenny! It's Christie -- remember me? It's been awhile.

I'm all up in your blog, lovin' your new posts and cute outfits. Hope you are well!

tablet said...

PS: Orla Kiely for Target

PPS: Flight of the Conchords Season TWO Premiere

ninja jenny said...

Christie! Ahh it's so nice to hear from you! It's weird because just a few days ago I was looking through a box in my room and came across some little things that I meant to send you around your birthday (which I think was in June). I know you know that last year was pretty rough for me, and there were a lot of things that I never got around to doing. But anyway, I hope you don't mind if I send them to you now, even though they're wayyy belated.

I've been doing pretty well since the year started (as you can probably tell by the surfeit of new blog entries). Thank you for the links! Holycrap that Orla Kiely stuff is adorable! I'm going to be all over that come February. I'm trying to catch up on the first season of FotC so I can start watching the second! I'm going to force my boyfriend to watch the DVDs with me tonight, haha.

I hope you're doing well and that the new year has been treating you right. Take care!

tablet said...

Yay Jenny! It's so good to talk to you again. You may (or may not) have noticed that I don't have an LJ anymore -- well I do, but for communities etc. One of my '09 goals is to have a wordpress blog up sometime in the next couple months, so I'll link you to that when it's done!

And of course, I would LOVVVVVVE to get some mail from you! My mailbox would explode in an inferno of happiness. Email me at chassler @ gmail if you don't have the address -- I can't remember if you have sent me anything before! I'm in Oakland up north.

Somehow I feel like you are my internet sister from another mister. There are fun things I come across that I know you would appreciate. Like this: http://secure.giantrobot.com/products.php?code=PTPAPERCUTTUG
HOW AWESOME IS THAT? Princess Tina paper cut-outs!

I hope you are enjoying FOTC -- I have genuine affection for those fellows, haha. I have to wait for the second season to come out on DVD since I don's have HBO either! I heard they are only doing 2 seasons total, so maybe it will be good that I have to wait.

Ack sorry for the mega long comment. Talk to ya later!

ninja jenny said...

Oh wow that paper cut-out is so cool! I stared at it for a while trying to figure out how it was done. I love the little bunny!

I think I still have your address from the Christmas package you sent me a while ago, so hopefully your address hasn't changed. I made sure to keep your address because I wanted to send you something back - it just took me a while because I am awful at following through on things =/ I'm trying to work on that, though! I still need to get some things in order before I send out your package. I'll e-mail you to let you know when you can expect it.

I'm totally loving FotC! Every episode gets funnier and funnier. The last one I watched was the one with the racist fruit vendor. The part where Jemaine demonstrates the difference between Australian and New Zealand accents had me laughing for a good couple of minutes. I still have a few more episodes to go. I wish there were more episodes! That bums me out that there aren't going to be more seasons.