another sweet weekend

Saturday's outfit. This was hastily thrown together after I realized that it was 80 degrees outside and I had to put my normal uniform of dress/cardigan/tights on hold for a day. I even used a different bag! This one has little raindrops printed all over it. It's one of my favorites.

On Saturday night I went to Chinatown for my aunt's 60th birthday dinner. Afterward, my cousins and I were craving dessert (unfortunately, the fortune cookie did not suffice), so we went to my all-time favorite ice cream place, Scoops. Scoops is a little shop in LA that hosts an ever-changing variety of unusual and intriguing flavor combinations. Every time I go, I always have a difficult time deciding which flavors to get. But no matter what I get, I'm never disappointed.

This time I picked Thai tea and black sesame taro (which tasted a bit like peanut butter). It was the most delicious bowl of orange and grey ice cream I've ever had! The flavors actually complemented each other really well. The other two bowls belong to my cousins, who got caramel Irish cream and strawberry banana, respectively. What a nice way to end a Saturday. I hope everyone's weekend was just as nice!


tablet said...

Holla! I was waiting for this outfit.

I've been to Japan a couple times and they always have the best odd & crazy delicious flavors of ice cream. I wonder if Oakland's Chinatown has a fun ice cream place --- I should investigate! I hate anything with banana flavor though.

jenny said...


Scoops isn't really in Chinatown, but the guy who owns it is Asian, so a lot of the flavors have Asian influences. He once made chocolate and wasabi ice cream and it was so strangely good. There's also a suggestion board where you can suggest what flavors you'd like him to concoct in the future.

I usually hate banana if it's mixed with any other fruit, but I love it with chocolate or peanut butter!