the bird and the bee

On Tuesday, I attended the Jimmy Kimmel Live show to see The Bird and the Bee perform. They just released a new album called Ray Guns are not Just the Future. I instantly fell in love with the lead singer and her gorgeous voice. Inara George has one of those unmistakable, striking voices, like Karen O or Jenny Lewis. And, like those two, she also has a really unique sense of style. Very feminine and vintage-inspired, as evidenced by the music video for The Bird and the Bee's "Again & Again" (which can be seen here).

The following is the music video for the song "Love Letter to Japan," from their new album, which I love because the guys playing Dance Dance Revolution remind me of my brother, who was pretty much the King of DDR back in the day. Whenever he would play DDR, a group of dozens would inevitably begin to form around him to marvel in his flawless technique. I was such a proud little sister. Anyway, this song is great. Enjoy!


tablet said...

whoa wtf bbq!!! stop being my doppleganger! I'm going to see The Bird & The Bee next Monday at the Independent in SF. Thx to your post, I am now even more excited than I was before. <3 <3 <3

jenny said...

Ahh awesome! They are so good, I hope you have fun! I actually went to see them again last night. They were performing at the Natural History Museum's "First Fridays" event, but the room where they were playing was filled to capacity and there was a long wait to get in, so my boyfriend and I ended up leaving early and going to Scoops instead. It was still a fun night, though. We got to drink beer and look at all the displays, including real t-rex and triceratops skeletons!