that's just my bag

I love my bag. It's classic, unassuming, goes with everything, and fits all my essentials. It was also a gift from my grandmother, which makes it very special to me (side note: this photo is fairly old; I have since replaced my ancient RazR with a BlackBerry). Lately, though, I've been wanting something new. So, of course, I turned to the internet. I was looking for a bag that was neutral enough to go with any outfit, but that also had details that made it stand out. I also wanted something a bit roomier than my Coach bag, something that could easily hold a book or two, and maybe a light sweater. After a bit of searching, I came across these bags by Hoakon/Helga on Etsy:

Each bag is handmade from repurposed leather jackets. There are currently nine different designs. The Monarda (first bag) is my personal favorite, but I love the oversized houndstooth fabric on the Willow bag.

This electric blue Monarda is already sold, which bums me out so much. My heart skipped a beat when I saw it while browsing Hoakon/Helga's "sold items" section. Such a beautiful shade of blue. I'm crossing my fingers that the next batch of bags that are added to the store will include something similar to this.

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